Claudine Crosta

Claudine Crosta has a passion for making people « Move better ».

Her involvement with being a Postural Trainer and Movement Therapist began at her age of 24, when she developed a debilitating auto-immune disease, polyarthitis, that undamaged joints. Doctors said she will never dance again and probably will suffer all her life from joints pains.

She had to find solutions and discovered the whole Somatics world.  Fasciatherapy, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Alexander, Hanna Somatics and Sensorial Gymnastics… To name but a few.  Besides her Mind-Body interest , she started an autodidact learning of Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics with hunger. On her path she had the honor to met Eric Franklin and the Franklin Method®. The Franklin Method® arrived as an evidence in her life and decided to become a Mind-Body expert. With the FM she not only recovered and returned to stage, she improved her technique and found her own  singularity. She created her last show in 2016, « Anamnèse » , which the whole process of creation was based on DNI. As a result of this incredible experience, Claudine became a certified Pilates teacher, Franklin Method® educator, a certified Pilates teacher and an Ilan Lev therapist. She began to invest her own flavour, her own creative way to approach people with the aim of optimizing functions using Movement, making people discover their anatomy & inner "rules" and spreading the word of DNI technique.

Claudine is coaching and training today people from all ages and all backgrounds.  Working on their postures and bringing them the tools they need to accomplish their personal and professional goals. Artists, athletes, business men and people in rehabilitation suffering from chronicle pains or injuries.  She is collaborating with physiotherapists and ostheopaths, traveling from Tel Aviv to France and France to Tel Aviv, with the passion of making people find their « Creative Selves ».

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