Franklin Method® workshops and classes for professionals

You are Passionate about Big Change & Profound Insights?

    • Initial conversation, health and movement history
    • Goals identification
    • Evaluation of your posture
    • Corrective workout program ( Pilates / Somatics )
    • Exercises and tips for your daily day life
    • Anatomical Knowledge / Embodiement
    • Neurocognitive Imagery techniques
You’ll develop the skills to:
  1. Ask better questions to clarify what you need: A must as a performer
  2. Master the biomechanical principles that govern superior athletic function.
  3. Understand your abilities as a result of self education and training (testable, growable), rather than “raw talent” (fixed resource).
  4. Refine your internal, kinaesthetic image of your body in action (the “felt sense”).
  5. Train for the specific skeletal support that releases your muscles for accuracy & stamina.
  6. Use weight and resistance training as a study of efficiency.
  7. Pinpoint the ways you maintain compensations for your injuries, even in the “stretches & exercises” meant to fix/heal them.
  8. Develop a presence with yourself and others that sharpens your awareness and skill.
  9. Be in creative and supportive conversation with yourself.
When you come to me for help, you may already be familiar with what bothers you or what you want change or acheive: you want a good training, your shoulder is painful; an old yoga injury has resurfaced; you want improve your pirouette, you want understand how to concentrate before going on stage, you may be recovering from surgery, you are too stressed for learning a new song for your next show, you don’t know for the first time ever how to build this character you need to play… From our initial conversation we begin to explore how your habits of movement and support have formed the foundation for your current quality of life. First we must understand the habitual conditions under which you maintain your discomfort. From here we can begin to uncover your latent skill, and provide you with clearer criteria to move and function in your life.

There is a clear link between your tendency for injury and discomfort and your ability to move well. When you uncover the principles of good posture and specific skeletal support you will begin to move well and create a better quality of life.

Your ability to use your attention to improve your movement and the quality of your life is an evergreen resource that I am happy to help you cultivate.  Once you re-enter the stream of working onyourself, you will be surprised to discover a personal joy and pleasure in the learning process.

Together we can create the body, the mind  you love!
Achieve your goals with a smile!

« Claudine Crosta is an excellent teacher who combines in her classes various techniques along with sensitivity, professionalism and a deep love of teaching. She made me understand things that i even couldn’t imagine! Suddenly i discovered even more capacities. She is the one that knew how to help me understand what are my real needs and what i should to do in order to achieve my goals. I believe in her as a teacher, I trust her with eyes closed.   I am happy to recommend her warmly.» Yankalle Filtser, professional dancer

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3 hours OR 3 meetings of 1h30
Up to 30 people

«What amazes me in working with Claudine is his command of the principles of the body in action.» Ladji Doucouré

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