My name is Claudine Crosta; I am a movement educator certified as a Pilates® teacher and a Franklin method® trainer specialized in functional anatomy. I’ve been exploring the world of somatic from the last 10 years: Hanna somatics, Postural Gymnastic, Active Global Stretching, Gaga, Alexander technique, to mention few of them. I believe wholeheartedly in the power and effectiveness of integrating these principles in my work. I’ve been coworking through the years with physiotherapists and osteopaths. I am a Master 2 degree in marketing and management and studied dance and performing arts in Gianin Loringett dance academy. Besides my movement educator carrer I am still creating and directing dance shows and plays.

I would like to share few of my history with you:

During school and years and later as an artist, I felt pressure to override my body’s need to rest and recover. Instead I mindlessly pushed myself to the next level of flexibility, strength and endurance. At no point did I listen to what my body really needed.

Then, fate struck. They discovered I was suffering from a polyarthitis, an auto-immune disease that undamaged joints. I had to find alternative solutions and discovered the whole Somatics world. Fasciatherapy, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Alexander, BodyMind Centerring, as I mentioned to  you before.  I went to Pilates and Gyrotonic daily for rehab. Through Pilates, I healed my injury, strengthened my body, and became a teacher so I could help others. I was able to help thousands of students get rid of pain, heal, and strengthen their body.

This was my first step toward my passion for « How can we make our body function better? »

While teaching 5 years ago, my chance, such a great chance… I discovered a technique called the Franklin Method – and experienced a whole new paradigm of being in my body. This method taught me how the body is evolutionarily designed and how it moves and functions at its absolutely best.

I’m talking about understanding the ‘ins and outs’ of my anatomy like no one had ever taught me before.

Like actually knowing and experiencing how the joints in my pelvis move when I bend my knees, or what’s REALLY happening to my lungs, abdominals, digestive and nervous systems when I’m breathing, how to become more flexible without stretching, and even down to the way my organs influence my posture, movement and mood!

This depth of experience in my own body completely transformed my approach to movement and teaching.

And it also completely transformed my body and life.

Thats it, I wanted to share… And would love to hear you now.

As you know, I am coaching and training people from all ages and all backgrounds.  Working on their postures and bringing them the tools they need to accomplish their personal and professional goals. Artists, athletes, business men and people in rehabilitation suffering from chronicle pains or injuries. I have a passion for helping people to find their own “Creative way of Training ».

After sharing this work with thousands of students in live, in-person and during workshops, I would be honor to assist you during this big change you want for yourself.

Let me show you another way of experiencing your body that will take your movement and life to an even more euphoric level. 
Creative Training uses high quality techniques based on the latest neurosciences discoveries. 
Come train with us, get results, its based on sciences!