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Floor-Barre based on The Franklin Method®

Floor-Barre is an instructional workout beneficial for everyone to correct alignment. Strengthen joints, correct proper muscular usage, and develop maximum turn-out and extension. Ballet and Somatics ( Pilates, Feldenkrais and more) based technique, creates long exquisite lines. The class is a beautiful opportunity to LEARN about your body. An hour for becoming more aware about how your body functions and how to improve the way you feel.
The result? You improve your posture and function in activities of daily living and athletics, reduce/eliminate chronic muscle and joint pain and overall wear and tear on the body.


Pilates Reformer and All Instruments

  • Thursdays: 7AM / 8AM |  Studio Naim, Mazeh Branch
  • Fridays ( each 2 weeks) : 8AM / 9AM / 10AM / 11AM |  Studio Naim, Mazeh Branch

Classical Matt Pilates

  • Fridays ( each 2 weeks) : 12AM Studio Naim | Mazeh Branch

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates adds that additional element of clinical knowledge to all the Pilates exercises. The specific choice of Pilates exercises that you do is the difference between a routine that works and one that doesn’t. Clinical Pilates adds addition treatments, such as McKenzie extension exercises, joint mobilisation and active global stretching as part of this client’s Pilates program, which are based on movement therapy training, rather than pure Pilates exercises.

  • Thursdays: 10AM/ 12: Studio Montefiore


(Postural Coaching, Movement Therapy, Clinical Pilates, Franklin Method® One on One)

  • CreativeTraining Studio, Ramat Gan
  • My Clinic, Tel Aviv: Tuesdays: 8AM/2PM

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