Together we can create a massive body-mind change in a 2 private sessions per week program. You’ll learn great techniques about how to use your mind better, in a way that it will support and help achieve finally your goals + you will learn specific exercises designed to strengthen all three elements of your good-healthy-In shape looking: 

Your posture: Balance, Alignment and Motion.  How we do that? Imagery techniques, functional training and embodiment! Franklin Method®  Recipe 🙂 With those basic tools, with no effort effort, you will see yourself take a big big shift!

You will:

  • Discover a healthy workout and intelligent movements that will bring you into shape with a lot of fun
  • Learn How your body is biomechanichally designed so you can move, breath, and work through ease.
  • Release subconscious patterns that have made changes feel so hard in the past
  • Discover your inner wisdom and how to let go effortlessly

As a Postural trainer I help my clients improve their lives in a harmonious way: respecting how the body works, and how the brain learns best. Whether you want to move with balance, strength and ease, want to soar in your sport or art, you are plagued by your posture, or you have simply been injured enough.

I am here to help. While you may come with a problem or a wish, our focus will be on YOU. How you are now, what you want acheive, and how you will achieve it. Together we will restore the skills you either lost along the way or may have never developed in the first place.

Our work is a partnership where we train the richest renewable resources you have: self-awareness and learning.

My goal is to guide you, my goal is to help you feel at your best. 

What to expect during sessions?

You come to me, we talk, define your goals and here we go! How? By teaching and training you in the right way, the way you need! And using techniques that have been proved by science and used by experts as Athletes or Artists.

Read about my techniques

Individual Sessions

  • Initial conversation, health and movement history
  • Goals identification
  • Evaluation of your posture and fitness level
  • Corrective workout program
  • Exercises and tips for your daily day life
  • Anatomical Knowledge / Embodiement
  • Neurocognitive Imagery techniques ( DNI, Franklin Method )
It’s training but in a smart way!
It’s become efficient again, and… Cool again!
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