Our company is here to change your health, happiness and life.

That’s why we invite you to fully participate in « Make a shift » for up to 4 weeks. (That’s until 11:59pm Eastern Time on the 14th day after you purchase) . If you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promises, we’ll happily refund you 100% of your money.

if your interested in getting a refund, simply reach out to us before the 4th week period has ended. We require you to fill out the pre-program survey, participate fully in the Wholly Shift sessions, and speak to one of our team members before we refund your money. Why? Because we know that if you show up fully for the sessions, you’ll get the results. It’s that simple. This work is not a ‘quick fix’ but this shift is real if you fully show up. If you participate to the sessions and still do not feel it is a good fit, then we’ll refund your money. *Beyond this 4th week gaurantee «  Make a shift » is non-refundable and payment plans are non-cancellable, to find out more click the terms and conditions link.